On thefiniko

September 26, 2020
On thefiniko

On thefiniko.com platform you can withdraw CFR by exchanging it for bitcoins and purchase a product or car/real estate without paying tax in the year of signing the contract.

At the moment, all users of the AT35, KV35 and Finiko Product programs initially receive CFR, which can be exchanged for bitcoins and used to purchase a car/real estate or other product.
Previously, according to the agreement, CFR adding was made only after you paid the tax, based on the estimated amount that you should receive from the sale of bitcoins.

Question: How and which amount will be charged for other countries?

Answer: Depending on the country you live, it will be charged differently. We build our own algorithm for each country — we charge 13% for Russian citizens and 15% for citizens of other countries.

If you have any questions about paying the tax, please contact the support service on the platform thefiniko.com, as well as by email urist@thefiniko.com

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On thefiniko

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